asm.js – The Good, The Bad or The Ugly?

Lots of things happening this week in JavaScript realm. The most amazing and at the same time contradictory is asm.js that was merged in the latest Firefox Nightly. asm.js is a subset of JavaScript that is optimized as good as half-native performance.

Mozilla loves colorful demos, but the one from this video has blown the JavaScript community. To show the power of their new tech Mozilla folks ported Unreal Engine (more than a million lines of code) to asm.js and launched a demo inside a browser.

So what is asm.js and where does the speed comes from?

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Levels of Testing

I would never expect that I’m so much into test automation. Last few days I watched a crowd of browsers clicking  buttons, uploading files and navigating across webpages without even a move of a muscle from my side. That probably have something to do with my passion towards all kind of game bots… or this is an escape from the cruel reality and ugly code of a new project.

I started to read more about testing and automation and I was really confused by the classification of the “levels of testing”. Take “Functional Testing”, “Regression Testing”, “System Testing” and “Acceptance Testing” as examples. They are often described as the different phases and many people tend to post long wordy explanations of how they are different. Well, maybe they are right, but I just see “Blah Blah Blah” and unnecessary overcomplication of a simple idea. Let’s review the sample levels to understand what they really mean.

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Restoring after crash

Hi folks,

We’re restoring after the crash – few posts are lost but most survived of course. We’re already had enough fun supporting our own hardware, surviving electricity blackouts and on and on, now we’ve moved to cloud. So I hope that the last crash was THE LAST crash ever :)

The posts are to be restored during this weekend. Stay tuned.

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