Today I descovered a very interesting platform and I instantly fell in love with it. It is In simple words, this is Twitch for coders. The idea is great! So if you want to live-code together some day, subscribe to my channel!

People stream their work process, commenting as they code. What makes it better than the other streaming services is the clear targeting on code, social and discovery features. Once I marked my channel as “HTML5 GameDev” and started to stream I had first developers joining the broadcast in just few minutes. Read more ...

Multiplayer JS Games Mini Course

I started a new video mini-course "Multiplayer JS Games". So far there are 4 lessons (more than an hour of video) released on a YouTube channel. The course shows how to create a multiplayer game from a scratch and learn EcmaScript-2015 syntax in practice. Check it out! Read more ...

Starting YouTube Channel

Last few months I was experimenting a lot with video tutorials and webinars. Started as a hobby, ended up as a mini-studio. I tried various formats and recorded two Udemy courses on JavaScript and Grunt.js, and that's just a start.

Today I've started a separate YouTube stream to share my tutorials. This time it is my favorite subject - Game Development with JavaScript. Unlike the book, the tutorial series puts a strong focus on multiplayer. With the development of Node.js and NoSQL databases that allow to scale your platform so easily - multiplayer game dev becomes so much easier!

Subscribe if you like it!

Video posting has a huge potential, with its limitations of course. For example, I still don't like to read the code from streaming video. Everybody reads at his own pace: for some the code might be obvious and others will need to spend more time getting through the lines. Read more ...