My Book

Book cover

Pro Android Web Game Apps is a book about making web games. Not only for Android but for every modern web browser. The world is moving crazy fast, and many things have changed since late 2012 when the book was published. However the core game techniques have not changed: user input, drawing sprites, animations, rendering tile maps, 3D graphics - all these have not changed at all.

If you’ve read the book or reading it right now – I would really appreciate a word from you – share your thoughts about what’s good or bad about it. I appreciate your opinion!

Source Code for the Book

The source for the book code is available from Apress Site, or just for your convenience – straight from here.

Free Art for Your Games

Sample tile

The book is accompanied by the collection of free graphics – sprites to make an isometric terrain, few huts and a fantastic animated knight character.

Sample tile

The art is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License – do what you want with. Attribution to this page would be nice but not required.

Download art package

If you like the art – drop me a note!