Trip to Hong Kong

After almost half of a year waiting, doing paperwork, packing, unpacking and re-packing bags I'm finally here in Hong Kong. EPAM - the company where I work for almost three years, acquired JoinTech, a software vendor based in Shenzhen. Six adventurers counting me, my wife and daughter landed in Hong Kong on Sunday, May 11 ready for something completely different from what we've experienced before.

I have been to many places, some of them quite exotic lice Cuba but never in Asia. Probably that's why it felt so astonishingly unexpected, irrational, bright, inconvenient and beautiful.

May is a middle of rain season in this part of the world. The air is warm and hot, first several minutes it's even slightly hard to breeze. Rains are heavy and unexpected. They start suddenly, in thirty seconds torrents of water are flooding across the stree and in five more minutes it is all gone. Or it may rain for couple of hours. You never know.

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and I've learned right in a first hour in a city. We drove through the gorgeous skyscrapers looking like they came straight from the pages of early Hibson's cyberpunk novels and right into west Kowloon - a mix of bazar and nineteenth century industrial region. An adhesive smell of burned oil, spices and sweat had nothing to do with glass'n'concrete skyscrapers of Hong Kong island. Yes, we were lucky enough to rent a hotel right in the middle of that district.

Hotel is a separate story. Fourteen square meters is quite enough for three people, right. About two square meters left free in the middle of the rest – beds, table, and a tiny cabinet fill everything else. An important advice for those who travel here - check feedbacks before you rent something. Luckily, we had only 5 nights to spend there and our next apartments in Shenzhen were the most luxurious place that I lived in.

We spent our first week in Honk Kong waiting for our Chinese visas. It felt like a month because of many new impressions that we experienced these days. Sometimes we felt lost in this fusion of Western and Asian ways of life but we always found our ways thanks to a wonderful and friendly attitude of people around us. They are ready to help whenever you need it.